dBa'/sBa bzhed chronicles

This group of texts primarily concerns events which took place under Tri Song Detsen (Khri srong lde btsan) (r.742–c.797), including the Samye (bSam yas) debate of the early 790s. They are written from the point of view of the dBa’ (or sBa) clan, but the authors are unknown. A number of publications exist, containing several different texts. The extracts contained here are from two distinct versions, which have generally come to be known as the dBa’ bzhed and the sBa bzhed, which are the names used here.

What seems to be the earliest complete version of the dBa’ bzhed describes the creation of law by Songtsen Gampo (Srong brtsan sgam po) and describes him making law on the basis of the ten virtues. It describes the visit to Tibet of two novice monks, where the are confronted with the king's punishments.

The text known as the sBa bzhed zhabs brtags ma (the sBa bzhed), primarily concerns events that took place under Tri Song Detsen, including the visit and activities of Padmasambhava. It describes how the king forbids the death penalty and mutilation penalties and creates religious laws.