bKa' chems ka khol ma

This narrative purports to be the testament (bka’ chems) of the seventh-century emperor, Songtsen Gampo (Srong brtsan sgam po), which was retrieved from a hole in a pillar in Lhasa by Atiśa in around 1048. 

The early chapters discuss the history and lineage of the emperor’s family and the development of the Buddhist doctrine in Tibet. These chapters discuss the training and empowerment of the king, including his creation of law. There then follow accounts
of the missions by his minister, Gar, to Nepal and China, from where he brings back the two princesses to be the king’s wives. The Chinese Princess Wencheng brings the Jowo statue with her and the temple in Lhasa is established, followed by the spread
and establishment of Buddhism throughout Tibet.

There is also an account of the journey to Tibet of the two novice monks from Khotan.